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A patient. An implant

First 3D knee replacement in Spain 100% customised and especially made to measure


Unicompartmental knee replacement


Bicompartmental knee replacement


Tricompartmental knee replacement

The first knee replacement that fits a knee. Your knee.

Dr. Chatziandreou

Individualised adjustment

Virtually eliminates any pain caused to patients by other type of knee prosthesis.

Get a more natural feeling

3D knee prosthesis are designed to follow the shape and contour of each patient's knee, providing greater potential for your knee and with a more natural feel.

They allow to avoid instability

Preserving the natural lines of the patient's joint, they avoid instability, one of the common causes of patient's dissatisfaction


The results speak for themselves

25% of patients with a normal prosthesis state they suffer from pain. With ConforMIS knee prosthesis, the percentage of patients who report having a medical condition falls to 4.8%

The minimisation of pain is very significant

Dr. Chatziandreou
Protesis ConforMIS Dr. Chatziandreou

One step beyond the remaining prosthesis made to measure makes it unique in Spain

This prosthesis, in addition to customising the bone cut, recreates the exact knee of the patient in its entirety, without the need to use sizes as done up to now with the remaining customised prostheses.

A great difference that provides substantial benefits to patients, drastically reducing pain.

ConforMIS knee implants



To understand the benefits of the customised approach of ConforMIS it is important to understand the anatomy of the knee. The knee joint is formed by the intersection of the femur (thigh bone), the tibia (shin bone) and the patella (kneecap). These bones form three compartments or sections:
Medial (inner half of the knee) - Lateral (outer half of the knee) - Femoror-patellar (behind the kneecap)

Osteoarthritis , (OA), is a degenerative joint disease characterised by the break and wear of the cartilage. It causes bones to rub against each other and results in the presence of pain. It can affect the entire knee or only part of it, depending on the severity.


A partial knee replacement is an option for patients with one or two compartments damaged. A total knee replacement is an option for those suffering from OA (OSTEOARTHRITIS) in all three compartments. With personalized and individualized prosthesis such as ConforMIS, best results are obtained because individualised adjustments eliminate concessions related to size which are common in commercial implants, and often associated with pain after surgery. Designed to follow the shape and contour of each patient's knee, ConforMIS provides a knee with a more natural feel. In addition, it maintains the natural lines of the patient's joint to prevent instability, a common cause of patient dissatisfaction.

Previous steps to the implementation of a personalised 3D ConforMIS prosthesis.

ConforMIS implant imaging technology converts a computed tomography of the knee into a 3D image and then designs an implant that is unique to each patient.


Schedule a
computed tomography (CT)

Your doctor will give you a prescription
for a diagnostic study of a CT scan
(computed tomography) of your hip, ankle and knee.)

Carry out the
study in the knee

The computed tomography will be sent
to ConforMIS

The knee is recreated

A computerised tomography
generates a three-dimensional model of
la rodilla, que se utilizará para
the knee, which will be used to individualise the implant.

The implant is then

Your implant and surgical instruments
are designed and manufactured specifically
for you.

Prepare for

Your implant will be delivered to the hospital
a few days before surgery.

Dr. Chatziandreou

Dr. Ignatios Chatziandreou

Medical Specialised in traumatology and orthopaedic surgery

Ignatios Chatziandreou graduated from the High School in Athens, after which he moved to the German City of Giessen to study Medicine.

In 2002 he began his studies in the specialty of traumatology in Dortmund. His interest in sports and in the hospital of that city, whose department of traumatology attended the football team of Borussia, led him to complete his speciality in 2008, to work for a year as an joint specialist Between 2009 and 2016 he was the head team leader of a department specialised in knee and hip arthroplasty

Around 4,000 patients were treated each year, with an annual average of arthroscopies and prosthetic implants. He moved to Spain in January 2016, following his 15 years of experience in Germany.

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Patients' real experiences

Real case studies of patients with individual Conformis prostheses.

1er. Hospital in Spain that operates with the latest generation personalised prosthesis ConforMIS

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